Wise Farm
Contact: Gary, Helen, and William Wise
Address: 2199 Dobbersville Rd. Mount Olive, NC, 28365
Email Address:
Phone: 919-922-4693
About Us
The oldest land on Wise Farms dates back 4 generations to the 1920s. For Gary Wise, this family heritage has contributed to his passion for farming. Despite variable climate challenges, Wise Farms has always adopted a sustainable approach for much of their production, utilizing crop rotations, cover crops, and no-till farming in order to keep the soil fresh and promote safe fertility. Wise Farms implements natural inputs and hand-weeding to reduce the use of sprays needed to prevent disease, insect, and weed damage on crops. Gary and the staff at Wise Farms are proud of all of their products, especially their delicious collards and other greens.In addition to contributing to the POP Food Market program, Wise Farms sells its products at the Raleigh State Farmers Market, the NCSU brickyard from January through April, and directly from the farm to customer through a CSA program. More information on their family history, growing practices, and life on the farm is available on the farm website.