Dandies Farm
Contact: Bob Alberson
Address: 110 Equestrian Chase Rougemont, NC, 27572
Email Address:
Phone: 919-280-4997
About Us
Dandies Farm is a first generation horticultural farm in Rougemont, NC that grows vegetables and fruit. As a first generation farm we have grown slow and deliberate in an effort to find out how best to benefit our community while being economically viable at the same time. Initially catering to the local restaurant business for 6 years, we began transitioning in the last three years to supplying directly to the community as people become aware of the availability of local produce. Dandies is located in the northern protected watershed area of Durham county 10 minutes from the city limits. We grow 3 out of 4 seasons and are hoping to extend that via hi-tunnels next year. Locally based farm produce means the freshest food for our neighborhoods, support for our farmland, less driving, and a more connected community.